Leamington on Parade

Leamington on Parade Bottle

The Story of Leamington on Parade

In 1850 Sam Lockhart was born in Durham, he was the son of a circus clown. Along with his brother George they became entertainers in the circus, in the guise of acrobats.  Sam was even shot from a cannon to entertain the crowds.

The brothers travelled the world looking for their fortune, they found themselves in Ceylon, now named Sri Lanka. Sam discovered elephants being taught to perform tricks by the local children, Sam was totally fascinated and enchanted by this discovery.

In a bold move Sam brought the elephants back to England and they settled in Leamington Spa, in between travelling the world performing.  Not only did they perform to the general public, but to Kings and Queens all over the world, including Queen Victoria. 

It is said that the elephants used to bathe in the river Leam. Today the slipway they once used still remains and it has an official title of “Elephant Walk”. 

Sam’s most beloved elephants were called Trilby, Wilhelmina and Haddie (known by many as the Three Graces). 

We wanted to honour the magnificent Elephants who were brought to Royal Leamington Spa from Ceylon.  We have crafted a gin that is lightly spiced to reflect the essences and include the heritage of Sam’s Elephants, along with Ceylon tea, cinnamon and hibiscus.

Our gin echoes the regular sight of the elephants on parade in Royal Leamington Spa.

Serve Suggestions

Pair with  Mediterranean Tonic Water and garnish with a slice of fresh lime.

Alternatively pair with Fever Tree Aromatic tonic & garnish with lemon or raspberries.