The Philosopher's Daughter

The Story of The Philosopher's Daughter

 John Dee was a key figure in the Elizabethan court, he was one of the most trusted advisors of Elizabeth I. 

 Dee was tasked with many requests, which led him to make many discoveries, one of which was the distillation of alcohol. Dee was a clever man and he had an enormous quest for knowledge. 

 Elizabeth I tasked Dee with discovering a cure for illness and the Elixir of life. This body of work would require an abundance of the best quality botanicals the English lands had to offer, most of which could have been found in abundance growing in the extensively lavish ‘Knot Gardens’.

Elizabeth I encouraged her nobles & courtiers to construct countless ‘Knot Gardens’ in order to entertain her and to equip the alchemists and philosophers with their quests. The most romantic Knot Garden of that time was the ‘privy paradise’ that Robert Dudley created at Kenilworth Castle, for a three week celebration to court Elizabeth I.

Dee’s daughter, Kathrine, would have carefully selected many of the botanicals for her father to fulfil his works and she supported her father until his death at the age of 81 years. 

We have included rosehip peel, rose petals, apple and cherries to complement the flavours that would have been carefully selected from a Knot Garden, to create this sumptuous unique hand-crafted gin flavour.

Serve Suggestions

Pair with Elderflower Tonic Water and garnish with pink lady apple to bring the true flavours to fruition.